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Redmond Dental Implants. Bringing Back Smiles



If you live in Redmond or Bellevue, it makes a lot of sense to look local for your oral care needs. We have many talented dentists on the Eastside. One of the many joys about of being a trusted dentist is watching our patients gain confidence and overall happiness after getting their dental implants.

This image is of one of our Redmond patients who was struggling with her smile for years. She made the decision to do something about her smile and the results are incredible. We love what we do and we appreciate it when our patients trust us with something as important as their smile.

Our Patients. Our Pleasure.

A question we think about often is “How do we know we are doing a good job as a dentist?” For BelRed Dentists,  it’s when patients come back time and time again to our Redmond dental practice and are happy and excited with the results. Last week we had one of our long-time patients Peter back in for his checkup and cleaning (which was great btw!). It’s so fun to catch up and hear how Peter was doing. Peter has been coming to our practice since 2007! What’s great is that even though Peter lives in Seattle, he makes the trek all the way into our Redmond office to receive dental care!

Not only does it warm our hearts to see Peter, but it also makes us feel great knowing that we are doing such a good job that patients continue to come back to us for their oral health needs. Thanks Peter and all of our long-time patients who trust Dr. Sahi and her associates at BelRed Dentists with their oral care!

Redmond Senior Dental Care is Very Important


Here in the Redmond and Bellevue area, seniors are blessed with beautiful surroundings and a great overall lifestyle. With all of Redmond's top senior living facilities (like Emerald Heights Retirement Community,  Redmond Heights, Overlake Terrace and Aegis Living in Redmond) seniors are able to stay in our city and experience all that Redmond and Bellevue have to offer. With the huge growth in the area finding a convenient place to have your senior dental work performed can be challenging.

Bel-Red Dentists are located right next to the Sears building in the Overlake area and offer senior discounts to our Redmond/Bellevue seniors. We are open on Saturdays and early mornings as well. 

So if you are a senior living in Redmond or Bellevue, what can you expect during your dental exam here at BelRed dentists? During your oral exam at BelRed Dentists in Redmond, we will check the following:

  • Face and neck (for skin discoloration, moles, sores)
  • Bite (for any problems in how the teeth come together while opening and closing your mouth)
  • Jaw (for signs of clicking and popping in the temporomandibular joint)
  • Lymph nodes and salivary glands (for any sign of swelling or lumps); your inner cheeks (for infections, ulcers, traumatic injuries)
  • Tongue and other interior surfaces -- floor of the mouth, soft and hard palate, gum tissue (for signs of infection or oral cancer)
  • Teeth (for decay, fillings, and cracks)


Our local seniors here in Redmond lead an active, healthy lifestyle and take dental health very seriously. As we age, we experience different issues in our oral health and staying on top of those issues can result in a better quality of life.

BelRed Dentists love working with our seniors and provide a 10% discount for our senior patients.

Sweet Tooth Got You Down?

This time of year can be filled with endless sweet treats. While delicious sweets like candy, sugary treats, and drinks like coffee and soda can do some damage on your pearly whites. A bright, beautiful smile begins at home with your brushing and flossing routines, but can also be impacted by your diet and lifestyle.  

If you're feeling any pain, discomfort, or sensitivity while eating, drinking, or brushing it may be a sign it is time to schedule your next visit. Our dental experts at BelRed Dentists are here to take the very best care of your smile today.